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Light Source Denver 303 663-9701 is the FIRST CHOICE for Grip Trucks & Gaffer in Colorado and Surrounding 3 States.. We have Grip Trucks, Lighting Trucks,Trailers, Camera Dollies, Camera Jibs , Camera Sliders, Go Pro Rigs and Heads, LED Bi Color Light  Panels. Small Hondas. We have Exceptional Selected Crews...We can make you a Great Deal because we own all of our own Equipment... Our Specialty is ~ On Location Lighting ~ We drive to your location ~ and carry everything needed on our Grip & Lighting Trucks for any type of shoot. There are hundreds of items that are not listed in our Truck Packages ...We have over 40 rolls of gel & diffusion on each of our trucks. We can also squeegee N-D gel on windows in minutes and for that skyscraper downtown on the 40th floor, we carry magliners, laundry & Kino Flo carts with both sets of fluorescent tubes 32k & 56k to make things run smoothly . And all of our trucks come with 12x12, 8x8 and 6x6 sets with many 4ft floppys, flags, & crates of rigging with aluminum pipe & fittings, all at no additional cost. You can also order 20x20's, camera dollies, camera sliders & Jibs also heaters, pop up tents, walkie talkies, tables & chairs and ice pads for shooting on ice. We have the Experience in Crewing..We Rent Lighting & Grip Trucks with everything you need . In the grip, lighting and rigging department, we have all the expendables such as foamcore, bead board, show card, dulling sprays, colored gels, N/D's with all your favorite diffusion materials in rolls and bleached muslin, shower curtain, duvetyne & colored seamless background paper 25 yard x 10ft wide rolls. Expendables come on all Trucks..and are on an "as used per foot basis." We are located on 12 acres, on the out skirts of Denver towards Colorado Springs.....We will email you a Bid within 30 minutes ...Call Tommy at   303 663-9701 shop 8:00 to 5:00  Mountain Time

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.. Light Source Denver.. Has Grip trucks of all sizes from 1 Ton, 3 Ton and 10 Ton. Trailers and 4x4 truck mounted generators working with all types of budgets from film to video to stills to commercials. We have the best equiped Grip Trucks available...Tommy Cheatham is a Gaffer / Owner Operator If you are in need of a experienced crew, such as Grips, Electricians, Steadicam Operators, to Sound and Make up, Or If you would like a " Run and Gun " Grip / Electric driver to bring you a truck, we have them also . We also have Fisher Camera Dollys with a Grip Truck and have big lights, pars and fresnels 12k's 6k's 4k's & 1200 HMI'S and lighting for small corporate interviews. We have over 10 types of Kino Flo's, car mounts, rigging, stage, truss and scaffolding. We are a Dealer for many things such as Matthews, Chimera & Rosco just to name a few. Within hours we can load trucks from still photographer to motion. We are able to do green or blue screen in any size from 6x6 to 20x20..Please Click ~~Past Clients~~on above Tabs

Tommy Cheatham was the Gaffer for the Oprah Winfrey Special with Tom Cruise at his home in Telluride Colorado. And has done hundreds of National Commercials from American Express, Burger King, McDonalds and shows with Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama. And has Lighting Awards from the White House. Also has done dozens of music videos at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater like U-2 , ZZ Top, Gary Allen and has Gaffed shows for John Denver, Cher in her home in Aspen, IMAX NASA, Ball Aerospace, Martin Marietta, IBM..NORAD..NOAA..NCAR..USGS..Hewlett Packard in Ft Collins & Boulder ( has Security Clearance), Pope John Paul II , Billy Graham Ministry and Fat Tire Beer for Ridley Scott Productions. With over 20 years shooting at the Coors Brewery in Golden Colorado that we have our own Coors Power Transformer to shoot in their Brewery to replace a big generator. We work and have Fuel Permits in Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, Nebraska, And of course right here in our own backyard... Denver, Boulder, Louisville, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge, Silverton, Durango and Telluride. We travel with our Grip Trucks, Trailers and Generators. To your desired Location...Our Grip Trucks are so efficient and well laid out, that the Coors Brewery and the World Wrestling Federation have contracted Tommy to build there Grip Trucks  Our Grip Trucks are so well known. 

Tommy was also the lighting director for specials interviews at Chers house with Oprah Winfrey, and several shows for John Denver. Also Shaun White at his home..and Leon Russell to Dr Temple Grandin and Robert Wagner, Ted Turner, Jane Fonda & many, many others...We also have location scouts, and coordinators ...Over the years when Still Photographers like Annie Leibovitz, shoots in Colorado, she calls...Tommy Cheatham at   Light Source Denver   I have to add a note to all you Coordinators out there...Don't be fooled you can't do a One Stop Shop in this Business...I don't have Cameras and Camera companys don't have Great Grip or Lighting or Great Grips Trucks...This Business is to Big to have it all...and Really Do it Right..I live with my Grip Trucks...and Fine Tune the Packages Daily ..I have dozens of Grip & Lighting items on these Trucks, that Camera companys have never heard of.. and camera companys have parts on Cameras I have never heard of..This is a rapid and always changing business...You have to love it as I do to stay on Top ...I just can't list and tell it all on a Website...   


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